Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Hat Art Activity

Here is a fun art activity for ages one and up. I did this activity with my child care toddlers to focus on the color blue and the season of Spring.

Materials needed: Manila file folder paper or card stock paper, paint for finger prints, something to dip little fingers in paint with, construction paper for ribbons, glue, scissors, and measuring tape.

First you need to measure the little one’s head across from front to back and again from above right ear to above left ear.

On the folder paper or cardstock, draw out an oval from the center. This oval should be equal to the measurements of the little one’s head. Then draw an outer oval about 3 inches (or whatever fits) from the center oval. This will be the rim of the hat. Cut out the oval from the center and then cut out the outer rim. I suggest having these cut out the day before or a few hours before you are involved with the art project with the little ones. It can be time consuming.

When ready for the art project with the little ones, get the materials you will need listed above. Pour some paint on a paper plate or something to use for dipping. Dip the little one’s fingertips into the paint and have them make fingertip impressions on the hat. Do as much as they like. Wipe or wash their hands. If the little one is old enough to cut with toddler scissors, have them cut two 10 inch strips of construction paper (with your assistance).  Glue these strips to the back of the hat. Walla! You made a Spring hat.

For more art activity ideas see Iva's book titled 

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