Friday, May 6, 2016

Bye-Bye Binky: Ending the Pacifier Habit

I could not pass up sharing this article. Marguerite Lamb has some practical approaches towards weaning your little one from his/her love of the pacifier. Personally, I like “The Gradual Approach”

By Marguerite Lamb from American Baby
Originally published in American Baby magazine, August 2005

This is quoted from a section of this article:
Weaning Your Child Off of Pacifiers
When to Stop?

Here is where opinions diverge. Marolyn Morford, PhD, a developmental psychologist in State College, Pennsylvania, recommends discontinuing the pacifier by a year. "At that age, a child's developmental needs do not include sucking," she says. Dr. [Karen] Breach [MD, a pediatrician in Charlotte, North Carolina] allows more latitude: "It's okay to make pacifiers the last thing to go. Once a baby is weaned and potty trained, then focus on stopping the pacifier."

It's a tolerant attitude echoed by Dr. [Richard] Dowell [PhD, a pediatric neuropsychologist at Evangelical Community Hospital in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania]: "Ultimately, children develop higher level strategies to manage their distress -- usually beginning at around age 2," he says. "They phase out their pacifiers as they develop skills to replace them." Most kids willingly surrender their binkies by age 3 or 4.

How to Stop: The Three-Day Plan

Friday, April 8, 2016

Crib to a Toddler Bed . . . When is the Right Time?

First of all, don’t be freighted about the horror stories you hear from friends or read about online. Every child is different so, rest assure this is another one of those transitions that will be his/her new normal in time.

What are the signs your toddler/preschooler is ready for a toddler bed?