Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Discover Your Quiet Place

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Do you have a favorite place out of town to escape and enjoy nature?

I recently had an opportunity to visit Sedona, AZ with a good friend and my daughter. Sedona is a beautiful serene part of Arizona that brings one in a peaceful mood. I like to call it “God’s country”.

When we were walking along the historic uptown Sedona shops, I was drawn to this peaceful music playing up ahead of us. I located where it was coming from. A Native American was playing his flute as it was echoing through the streets. I walked toward him and saw several different types of flutes laid out in front of him. I noticed several CD’s he displayed for sale. I chatted with him for a little while, as he was pleasant to talk to. I purchased one CD “Sacred Fire ~ Meditation Songs for Native American Flute”. I now listen to it at home as background music. It truly calms me as I am working or just relaxing. 

I’d like to introduce my readers to this gentleman and his work. His name is Kelvin Mockingbird. He not only is known for his Native American Flute Music, he performs for weddings, does Medicine Walk Tours, Stories of Native American, and lessons of Native Flutes. Here is his website which include several other CD’s www.kingbirdmusic.com When you click on his website you will hear his calming music in the background.


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