Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What do you hold dear to your heart?

Does this give you a sense of purpose? Celebrating traditions and sharing our beliefs are important when raising children. How do we contribute in celebrating traditions with our children and grandchildren? What are our true beliefs religious or non-religious? How do we set the example of these beliefs in our everyday lives beyond this season of good cheer? The answers are up to you. I encourage you to think about these questions, as little ones look up to the adults in their world. They are attentive in how we live our lives even as young as toddlerhood. 

So don’t shy away in talking to your little ones (in words they can understand) about why we celebrate these traditions and what your beliefs are. Share why these are so important to you. They don’t necessarily have to agree with you, but I personally feel it helps them understand why we live our lives the way we do . . . why we place a high priority on certain traditions and beliefs. I also feel it’s important because when our children grow up into adulthood, they can see the importance of traditions and decide what they believe. This gives a person an awesome sense of purpose.   

May you have a joyful & peaceful holiday season when celebrating and connecting with your family, little ones, and of course your grandchildren.


  1. Having children accompany you, as you attend whatever religious gathering you do, will hopefully encourage them to adopt the same religion you (the parent) has. Keeping them engaged is a very important aspect in the direction that they may ultimately decide...both good or bad.

    1. Absolutely! The engagement they share with you can be a foundation they take with them into adulthood no matter what they choose in later years. Thank you for commenting.


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