Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Roughhousing with a baby/toddler? Appropriate?

I’m curious what other parent’s thoughts or opinions are after watching this video: (Click on link) Link to video

Here are 2 reasons why I feel this is dangerous: 

  • There is always a risk of injury no matter what type of surface you are playing on. 
  • Roughhousing with a little one this young gives them the wrong message in how to play with others appropriately. If Daddy or Mommy likes to roughhouse at home for fun, the little one will take this behavior into their child care environment.   
As a child care provider I have observed how toddlers love to mimic. This age group doesn’t know the difference between playing rough with Daddy or Mommy and playing rough with their playmates at a child care. Toddlers like to mimic what they see others do. 

It can be difficult to teach toddlers what is appropriate for social skills when this type of behavior is rewarded at home.

I can appreciate the parent’s need to teach their child to be tough, however, maybe we should hold off this lesson until later years. Maybe teach older children as young as elementary age self-defense rather than physical fighting. Also, if we hold off until they are older, you would be able to talk with your child about when and where “roughhousing” is appropriate.

I’d love to hear your thoughts or opinions on this topic.


  1. I agree with you! I have witnessed how young children behave towards others that may hurt the other child UN-intentionally.

  2. No not appropriate. Can't believe this is considered as acceptable among some people.


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