Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Library of Children’s Music . . . 18 CD’s with Iva’s New Favorite Toy

Ever wonder how to create a calm environment with music for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers? I notice a difference in their social behaviors and their moods when there is music playing in the background. Music not only helps calm the little ones but encourages imagination, language and motor development as well. 

As a Christmas gift I received ownership of my first iPod Nano. Wow, I was introduced to a new way to enjoy music. I’m now using my new favorite toy to create my own library for children’s music. I usually go to the local public library to borrow children’s CDs to use as background music in my child care room. Now, I use those CD’s to add to my playlists on my iPod. I have a huge collection of children’s music and some of my own personal favorites. What's nice about an iPod is the wonderful option to “shuffle” music. Apparently you can do this with any MP3 player. I’m very impressed.

Ha Ha . . . I know, some of you may be laughing as MP3 players have been around for a while. I had no idea how simpler and easier life can be with an MP3 player. 

I have continuous children’s music playing without having to constantly switch out CD’s in my CD player. I plug my iPod to my CD player as we listen to a variety of different songs from different artists and groups that sing fun and interactive children’s songs. 

If you are interested in finding children’s music titles, here is a list of the CD titles I have on my iPod:

50 Nursery Rhymes Songs by Countdown Kids
Animal Tower by Little Laughs Music
A Second Helping by Hot Peas ‘n Butter
Bananaphone by Raffi
Choo-Choo Soul:Disney Favorites by Disney Junior
Corner Grocery Store by Raffi
Everything Grows by Raffi
Family Sing-Along Songs by Kidzup
Get Moving with Ella Jenkins
Happy Everything by Dr. Jean
Happy Toddler Loves to Dance by various artists
Hits for Kids Vol. 1, 2, 3 & 4 by Nursery Rhymes
The Hollow Trees by The Hollow Trees
The Imagination Generation by David Kisor
Learning-Time Tunes by Georgiana Stewart
Lobster Conga by Tommy Gardner
Snow Day by Eric Herman and The Invisible Band
Sunny Days by Battersby Duo

Your are welcome to share your favorite children song artists or groups. I'd love to add more to my playlist. 

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