Saturday, July 29, 2017

Precious Years Consulting Service

Precious Years Consulting Service consults to inspire parents, grandparents and Child Care Providers to create an educational in-home environment that is safe as well as enjoyable. In addition, this service offers valuable advice and research for Child Care Providers (licensed, unlicensed or certified) who are in the business of caring for little ones in their home. Iva can help get your home:

  • Childproofed
  • qualified for Department of Health Services and/or Department of Economic Services requirements for licensing and/or certification
  • ready for business with a business plan relating to rates, contracts, and policies
  • organized for little ones to play, activity planning, as well as how to organize your paperwork

Hello, my name is Iva. I'm looking forward to chatting with you on how my consulting services may benefit someone like you. Email at at are welcome to answer any questions you may have. FREE for first initial 30 minutes consult via phone or face to face meeting.