Thursday, October 1, 2015

Black Spider Craft for Halloween

A couple of years ago, my child care toddlers made spiders with paint and a paper plate. It was fun, simple, and easy. See the end result pictured. I hole-punched the plates and sent home some string for the kids to add the web at home. Since Halloween is coming up, I wanted to share this craft with parents who are looking for something easy and fun to do together with their little one(s).

Here are the supplies needed:
·         Paper plates
·         Light color paint for background (optional)
·         Black paint (I use tempera non-toxic paints)
·         Googly eyes
·         glue
·         Hole punch
·         String or yarn for web
·         Paint brushes
·         Paint cups
·         Wipies to wipe hands

With the paper plate and background paint of your choice in a paint cup, let your little one use the paint brush (with your assistance) to paint the main part of the plate. After the paint dries, help your little one paint one of their hands with the black paint. Stamp the open hand on one side of the plate. Add more black paint to the same hand and stamp the opposite direction like pictured above. Glue the googly eyes on. Next, hole-punch around the edge of the plate for the web. After the paint dries, use the string to create a web. Tie a knot on one end and string through one of the holes from the back and over across the front to another hole. Continue to string through the holes until it looks like a web.

Enjoy this craft and time with you little one,

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