Tuesday, May 19, 2015

White Noise Machine? What’s All the Hype?

“White noise machines” have become popular among young parents with little ones. If you are a new parent, you are more than likely aware of this. If you are a grandparent or child care provider, this might be new to you. Through my child care program, parents are educating me on a new method of helping their little ones lullaby to sleep.
This new method not only helps their little ones fall asleep, but to fall back to sleep when they wake up in the middle of nap or at night. Some white noise sounds used for little ones, supposedly imitate the familiar sounds heard while in their mother’s womb.    

What exactly is white noise? How does it help with sleep? White noise is used as a general description for any type of constant, unchanging background noise. Apparently white noise blends the external sounds into the overall background noise, so your little one wouldn’t pay attention to the disruptive noise. The “white noise machines” come in many forms and varieties and are sold online, at department stores, and baby supply stores. White noise sounds can be downloaded online as well.

Why are parents drawn to a “white noise machine”? I have to admit that the idea of creating more noise in a little one’s bedroom seemed odd to me. Shouldn’t they have a quiet space to sleep? However, it does help tune out or mask unwanted outside noise that could disrupt a little one’s nap or night-time sleep. Some of these unwanted disruptive noises could be; dog barking, a lawnmower running in the neighborhood, traffic, another baby crying, or other noises in the home. Parents like to use the familiar sounds babies heard while in their mother’s womb. These familiar sounds could be like a sound of whirling wind, rainfall, ocean waves, or a heartbeat.

What I have been using instead of spending money on a “white noise machine” is my little iPod. I downloaded ocean sounds from iTunes into my iPod for a little over one dollar. I connect my iPod to a sound system and setup the playlist for ocean sounds. During naptime, it plays over and over until I turn it off. I notice the little ones go down for nap quicker and sleep longer. What a blessing!

I do have a thought, being that this is new to me. How does a child wean from depending on a “white noise machine” for sleep? Or is this a method that sticks with them for most of their lives?

Comments are welcome.Do my readers use a “white noise machine” for a little one’s sleep or even for adults in the household? You are welcome to share what has worked, didn’t work, or any comment on the topic of sleeping.

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