Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Toddler Activities w/ Large Motor Focus Part 2

Here are some additional large motor activities with blog links to check out:
I am just thrilled to come across these great simple ideas from searching the Internet. This article is an extension (part 2) from my previous article: Toddler Activities with Large/Motor Focus

Physical Activity Cube  age: one year – preschoolers +

“To get a little more physical activity into our days, I made this exercise cube for my kids!”

Connect Letter Maze     age: two years – preschoolers +

“Learning letters doesn’t have to be done with flash cards or worksheets. For preschoolers, I like to incorporate learning into our everyday fun activities. I sneak in learning with the mazes I make for the kids.

This particular maze, I had my son connect the letter Bs through the maze from start to finish.”

A Maze of Numbers       age: two years – preschoolers +

Found on site “Hands On As We Grow” @ http://handsonaswegrow.com/counting-activity-a-maze-of-numbers/

Number Maze for Kids Learning to Count.

Have fun with these activities!


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