Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Music for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers

When I have little ones playing in my child care room, I love to have music playing in the background. I find this more calming than having the TV on, or nothing in the background (silence). As I pay attention to the little ones, while they are playing freely with each other, I notice a difference in their social behaviors and their moods when there is music playing in the background. When the music stops, they usually try to get my attention saying, “music!” or pointing to my CD player. In their own words and gestures, they are telling me the music stopped, and they wish to listen to more music. Music not only helps calm the little ones, but encourages imagination, language, and motor development, as well. Infants love listening to soft music and this can even help them sleep better during their naps.

What kind of music is best for this age group? Any music that they could sing along with, follow along with (clapping and such), and isn’t too loud or vulgar. Keep in mind that the little one’s vocabulary is like a sponge, as they will repeat what they hear. I find age appropriate music at the local public library. Most libraries have a children’s section. You can ask the librarian if they have children’s music. They usually have shelves full of CD’s from different artists. 

Here are a few I’ve picked up at the library this week:

·         The Hollow Trees
·         Happy Toddler Loves to Dance
·         Hot Peas ‘n Butter (volume 2)
·         Get Moving with Ella Jenkins
·         The Imagination Generation by David Kisor
·         4 CDs Nursery Rhymes


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  1. These CDs turned out to be a good pick. The little ones loved the music this week.


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