Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Weaning from lap to highchair? Is your infant ready for this transition?

As your baby grows and strives for the need to be independent, it’s a good idea to encourage transitioning (weaning) to the next independent step starting as early as seven months. Usually around this age, babies show interest in holding their own bottle as well as the need to move around while they are drinking their bottle. This is a sign the baby is ready for a transition.

Transitioning (weaning) from lap to highchair ~ Here is an easy way to help with this transition.
While the baby is comfortably strapped into the highchair, recline the seat back. I recommend a highchair that has different heights/levels and one that has the option to adjust the seat to a reclined position for infants.
Then hand the baby the bottle to encourage him to grab for the bottle. Usually, the baby gets excited when seeing the bottle, and he naturally grabs for it. While he is holding the bottle, the baby will naturally want to bring it to his mouth for drinking. I sometimes have to gently tip the bottle up with a finger on the bottom of the bottle to make sure enough milk/formula is in the nipple. If the baby lets go of the bottle, that’s ok. I simply try again in handing the baby the bottle to encourage more drink. Sometimes I will set the bottle aside for a little while and try again. Generally, if the baby is hungry, he will grab for the bottle to have some more. I’ve learned that if I’m consistent with this routine, the baby will get comfortable with the routine of holding his own bottle. This will help them later on when it’s time to transition from a bottle to a sippy cup.

Another tip: If your little one is used to drinking a warm bottle, it might be a good idea to offer the bottle at room temperature for a while. When your infant turns a year, he will start drinking cold milk as sometimes little ones struggle with the difference in temperature.

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