Precious Years Consulting Service

Consultant for Parents and Caregivers of Infants and Toddlers and Preschoolers

Precious Years Consulting Service consults to inspire parents, grandparents and Child Care Providers to create an educational in-home environment that is safe as well as enjoyable. In addition, this service offers valuable advice and research for Child Care Providers  (licensed, unlicensed, or certified) who are in the business of caring for little ones in their home throughout the state of Arizona. Iva can help get your home:

  • Childproofed
  • Qualified for Department of Health Services and/or Department of Economic Services requirements for licensing and/or certification
  • Ready for business with a business plan relating to rates, contracts, and policies
  • Organized for little ones to play, activity planning, as well as how to organize your paperwork

Hello, my name is Iva. I'm looking forward to chatting with you on how my consulting services can benefit someone like you. E-mails at Your are welcome to ask questions about my service at no charge. FREE for first initial 30 minutes consult via phone or face to face meeting.

Coming from 20 years of Certified and Licensed child care experience, I offer valuable advice relating to various levels of the business of in-home child care.
For more on Iva's background you are welcome to view Iva's Resume

Here is a brief breakdown of fees for one-on-one consultation:

FREE Initial Consultation: First step: send an e-mail to me at I will help narrow down what areas of your care-giving topics is in need for advice and further research. Your initial FREE 30 minute consult begins with a phone call or face to face meeting. Explanation of fees and scheduled appointment for next consult will be stated and agreed upon via e-mail.

FREE Limited Special Offer:
I am offering FREE consulting service for my FIRST CLIENT in each Arizona county ie: Yavapai County, Maricopa County, Pinal County, Pima County, Coconino County as well as the remaining counties in Arizona. This is in order to reach out to Arizona's communities. This offer includes the whole package starting with the initial conversation and throughout the process of getting you the client setup for business and beyond. If the distance to your house is too far out, I can still communication via phone or e-mail after the initial e-mail consult.

Consultant Fees for Paying Clients:
After a free initial consultation and an email agreement, an appointment will be scheduled for the next consult. This can be conducted by phone or face to face meeting at the client's home.

Daily rate fee is set at $50.00

Additional research ~ if a consult requires additional phone calls, home visits, or research, a separate fee of $50.00 will be charged per home visit or phone consult.

Here are some examples of topics that Iva with Precious Years Consulting can guide you through:

Spacing your home environment
Equipment and furniture suited for little one’s
What is an infant area?
Book reading to infants and toddlers
Motor development
Night-time routine
Educational activities that little ones enjoy
Social skills and sharing
Discipline and re-directing
Potty training
Book reading for Preschool age

For Licensing/certification purposes:
General equipment needed for child care
Educational activities
Scheduling your day
Infant child care needs
Toddler age child care needs
Preschool age child care needs
Potty training
How to create forms needed for child care program like contracts/policies
How to create a website
How to keep papers organized
How to advertise for your business
How to interview potential clients

These topics are only an example of what you may be seeking consultation for. Everyone's situation and setup is different, so feel free to connect via e-mail at

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